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“It doesn't get better than this!”


When I'm travelling, I really want to see the natural beauty of the place I'm visiting - the people, nature, the food. I want to understand the customers and culture, and come away feeling that I've learnt something, that I've had a rare insight. I also want to have a memorable and fun experience with a bunch of awesome people. This is a lot to ask in one tour, I know, but I came away at the end of the day feeling that all of this had been achieved, and that I'd been a part of something special. The tour felt very personalised, with a small and fantastic group of only 8, and it felt as though we were being shown around by someone I knew. I swam in an incredible natural spring with the clearest and most beautiful blue water I've seen, had tapas and shots in a tiny village, with an incredibly charismatic man who was hilarious even though we speak a different language, and finally saw a running of the bulls. This didn't appeal to me in itself, but this is how the locals live, and that's what I wanted to understand. The small group mingled and there were so many photos, which our guide so generously emailed very soon after the tour. It was so special - I can't recommend it highly enough! Just do it, and you'll see :)


“An amazing day”


We recently spent 3 weeks in Europe visiting several countries and our day with Do Valencia was in our top memories. We took the Hot Springs Tour and our day started with Mike (owner/guide) picking us up on time at our hotel. He quickly got us out of town and took us to an amazing waterfall where we swam and took pictures....our next stop was the Hot Springs which were amazing. We had lunch with Mike and our new found friends from the tour and chatted laughed and listened to Mike tell us facts and stories about what we were seeing. The day continued and we saw more and more amazing views and things that we would have NEVER seen had we stayed in Valencia. Our day ended in a small town with Tapas and cocktails at a local spot. It only cost 6 euros and we ate like royalty. After we drove into the city changed showered and ended up meeting our guide out for a drink in a cool bar in Valencia. He also takes amazing pictures and sent us them 1 day after our trip. Bring a towel, be prepared to get wet and you do spend some good time int the car but all in all an AMAZING day!





“Best... time... ever!!!!!”


I've traveled a lot over the years and this will definitely stand out to me among the many excursions I've done. I came across reviews on Trip Advisor and decided to book! The day exceeded our expectations!! It's apparent from the minute you meet Mike he loves what he does, and has found a way to make his patrons fall in love with it too. We were taken to places that an average tourist visiting Valencia would have difficulty finding. It's a great escape from the city and the tour was organized to perfection. A small group (there were 8 of us) makes it possible to get to know everyone and make new friends throughout the day! I wish Mike nothing but the best on his continued success, and recommend Do! Valencia without any hesitation. You won't regret it.


Reviewed 6 September 2011 NEW


We did the Hot Springs tour with Mike last week and had a brilliant day out with him. He totally tailored the day to what we wanted to do and his knowledge of the local area is superb. We finished off the hot pools with yummy tapas and Mike made a few phone calls to find us a village who were having their bull run so he could take us there on the way home. We met a couple from Malta on the trip with Mike and he went above the call of duty to arrange white water rafting for us all the next day with a company he googled for us. Thanks Mike for an awesome trip. I wouldn't hesitate to contact you again and get you to take us out and about for the day if I return to Valencia again.



“Incredible trip. Wish I could go again!”


Mike is an awesome guy and that makes the trip even better. The hot springs are gorgeous and a really nice change of pace from the salty sea. Overall the trip was phenomenal and it was certainly worth the money. As I said if I could go again I would.



“A perfect way to complete your stay in Valencia! Do it!!”



Reviewed 6 June 2011


We stayed in Valencia for five nights and scheduled to go on Do! Valencia Tour on our last day. We truly loved so many things about Valencia - the food, people, culture, and the environment. But little did we know that there was so much more to discover and explore just a little outside of Valencia. (If you love nature, you will absolutely appreciate and enjoy this tour.)

My husband and I both agree that the best aspect of the tour is MIKE. As many others commented previously, it's no lie. What makes Do! Valencia different from any other tour is that Mike loves what he does and really looks out for your best interest. Not only did he personally pick/drop us up from/to our hotel but he took a bunch of beautiful photos of us for us to keep and remember this wonderful journey. The local restaurant that he takes you to is also really fantastic. The tapas and specially-made drinks are HOMEMADE, FRESH, authentic, and DELICIOUS! Hanging out and getting to know some of the local people was also equally fun.

If you are looking to experiencing Valencia more dynamically, we totally recommend you signing up for this. You won't regret it!!!


Reviewed 4 June 2011

Found Do! Valencia right here on tripadvisor, and went to his website to see extra info. We chose to do the hot spring day tour and made use of the handy chat system available on the site to check availability and other small details, which I found extremely handy.
So, got it all booked up with no hastle what-so-ever for the day after we arrived in Valencia! 
Mike picked up bang on time from the hotel then we went to pick up another couple (see next review!) who were a similar age to us. Once we we on the road, Mike told us about himself and was in no shortage of information on route about the areas we went through and made us all feel very relaxed - which carried on throughout the day. 
First stop was a lovely waterfall, then it was onto the hot spring! Just as we arrived the heavens opened so we had to take cover for about half an hour - but took advatage of it by getting a nice chicken bagette from the onsite snack bar, and enjoyed our company while watching the lightening display! It all cleared just as quick as it had arrived and we were in the water in no time! It was great swimming around, through shallows and deeper areas, although you can just stick to the shallow ereas if you want. I recommend making used of the goggles and following Mikes advice to walk backwards and look down into the water! After this we made a quick stop at an outlet for a dam, showing the impressive power of water, then onto a great little bar for some tappas and a few shots laid on from the extremely entertaining barman! It was a great finish to a great day.
Through out the day Mike was taking snaps with his DSLR, and sent on a selection of pictures via e-mail (this is done all at his leisure and doesn't ask for any extra charge).
I can't recommend this enough, and it was great fun sharing it as a small group with another couple who enjoyed it just as much as we did. We bumped into Mike a few days later and arranged to meet for a drink - just shows you what a genuine guy he is!



Date of review: 7 May 2011

We found a flyer for this day out in out hotel and called Mike straight away to get on board. We ended up staying in Valencia a couple of days extra just so we could go on the Hot Spring Tour, it was the best decision we could have made. Mike picked us up at 10:30am the other couple that were meant to do the tour cancelled the morning of then tour so we had Mike all to ourselves. He is very friendly and welcoming and full of great information. We started the day by travelling out of Valencia to a beautiful waterfall, absolutely gorgeous country side. Mike takes photo's of you all day and emails them to you the next day which was amazing. He took some fantastic shots that really captured the day for us. Hot Springs was next we swam with the fish, looked in a little cave, jumped off a cliff into the beautiful clear spring water. He supplied us with goggles to look under the water and see the fish. He also supplied me with a wet suit as it wasn't a really hot day. He took us to many other places which were just as enjoyable which included a small Spanish restaurant. Maria & her husband who owned the restaurant were so welcoming and treated us so well, I have never experience such an amazing service, they almost made us feel like part of the family giving us many different Spanish dishes and drinks to try. Mike was amazing translating for us the whole time. 
We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces the whole day, the whole experience was amazing and if you really want to experience the real Spain, I highly recommend this day! We were in Spain for 10 day travelling around and this was the favourite part of our trip!! No money can buy an experience like this!

  • Date of visit: April 2011



“Best Day in Spain”


Date of review: 24 Apr 2011 

Our Do! Valencia adventure with Mike was easily the best day we had in Spain. His tour is really a departure from every other tourist activity you could choose, because instead of showing you the usual attractions, he'll take you to truly the best stuff only locals know about. You'll feel like you're being shown around by an excited, and very knowledgeable friend, rather than a tour-guide just doing his job. We went on the hot spring tour, and the place was absolutely beautiful. After seeing a lot of museums and cultural sights, a nature experience was welcome, but as a tourist with no car or knowledge, it was hard to figure out what to do. Do! Valencia solved that problem. In addition to that, Mike took us to a place in a small village to eat where we had a fantastic meal and were able to interact with the bartender. After the tour we went to a bar Mike recommended, and had the unforgettable experience of actually talking and having fun with native Valencians our age. All the things we were able to do were things that tourists really want to do, but usually need weeks and weeks of residence to figure out.

I'm realizing I must sound like some kind of review robot, but everything is completely true. Out of our entire 2 week Spain trip there's literally nothing I can recommend more than Mike's Do! Valencia Tour.

  • Date of visit: April 2011



Date of review: 18 Apr 2011


It is a very rare thing when you can give a company 5 stars and wish they had a button that allowed you to give an extra one just for blowing you away.

Mike took my Wife and I rock climbing for the first time - this was absolutely excellent, he took us from being complete beginners to feeling that we could tackle a 20m rock face within the space of a day.

Just talking about the rock climbing doesn't do credit to just how knowledgeable and what great company Mike is. I would imagine that anyone who meets this guy will fall in love with his enthusiasm for anything he talks about from Valencia, to rock climbing, through to couch surfing. He also gave us a whole list of other things to try in the local area.

If you are in the area, give Mike a try. You will not regret it


Hot spring Valencia, Spain



After reading the previous reviews i thought i'd give it a go.
Best decision i've ever made, Mike shows what Spain is all about.
His only concern was whether we were enjoying ourselves. I haven't stopped smiling.
You will never see the attractions if you didn't contact Mike.

Hot spring Valencia, Spain

Traveler rating:

18 Jan 2011 lisschris

After travelling Europe for 2 months, it was time to do something a little different to museums, churches and monuments.
The Do! Valencia hot springs tour is the perfect attraction for those in the same situation.
After reading so many great reviews about it, we had great expectations... and it certainly lived up to it!
This is the tour you want to do to escape from the tourist driven main areas and get a first hand insight into the local life of Valencia and the little piece of paradise it hides merely an hour out of the city.
There's no tourist bus, no groups of people, just you and Mike - the warm, friendly and knowledgeable tour operator and his modest Honda, twisting and turning through the mountain towns on your way to the small town which hides the "needs to be seen to be believed" hot springs. Truly amazing.
Mike is great. Plenty of interesting chat and he has worked some other personal places of interest into the tour which are an added bonus. We personally really enjoyed stopping into a local bar after the hot springs. We were warmly welcomed by the owner who kindly laid out some of his best tapas for us to eat, followed by what seemed like endless offerings of different variations of home made alcohol, shouted by himself and the locals!
An excellent tour with excellent highlights - highly recommended for an out of the ordinary experience! 



Although a bit expensive, Mike (Or WInston as we called him) will show you a great time. His intimately guided tours to the local gems of Valencia will provide you with an experience that you would not (and probably could not) find on your own. My friends and I chose the rock climbing and hot spring tour and we truely had an amazing experience. Mike isnt origanlly from Spain but he does a great job in making you fall in love with the "Spanish Way". Recommended to everyone and anyone looking to have a good time.
Rock climbing tour, DO! Valencia, Spain


Hot Spring, DO! Valencia, SpainTraveler rating:

11 Nov 2010 hannahlouise190983, Valencia, Spain

We found out about this on trip advisor and it was completely unexpected for our stay in Valencia, but what a find! Even though it was early November, we couldn't have asked for better weather and with the aid of Mikes wetsuits and knowledge, we were able to enjoy this beautiful area.
We first went to the hot springs, about an hour and half drive from Valencia and when we arrived it was worth it. No tourists (except for us!) and only a handful of locals enjoying the hotsprings. Mike showed us the caves along the river and other spots that were beautiful.
After lunch, drying ourselves off in the sun we headed to another small town to view the bulls, which we were very lucky to see as it was one of the last events of the season.
Mike took some cool photos of us throughout the day, which he then sent us via email, which is a lovely personalised feature of this tour. It was also great that there was only 4 of us on the tour.
Thanks so much Mike, it was a fantastic day and one we will never forget! We highly recommend this tour!!




Mike made the day really special for us, taking us to villages that you would not normally stop at if you were jumping from one major town to another.

Highlight of the day was definately going to one of the local towns and seeing the Bull run. Not the type you expect from tourist attractions like Pamplona but a small local affair with one bull on the loose with lots of crazy locals.

The hot springs area was stunning with crystal clar water where you could relax in the shallows or jump from the rocks and explore the cave areas. The geyser was amazing and provide great opportunity for some awesome photos.

Hot Spring, DO! Valencia, Spain


Traveler rating:

7 Nov 2010 flyfishin, California

We needed a break after two weeks in Europe and still had 2 weeks of vacation to go. This was the perfect relaxing getaway. We highly recommend and would do it again. A very unusual and breathtaking hot springs.


Traveler rating:

3 Nov 2010 Lemily1302

The hot springs were incredible!! Mike was a really nice guy and we'll regard this tour as a highlight of our 3 month journey overseas...we rang up the night before we wanted to go and were on the tour the next day, as we were backpacking we didnt really have any of the necessary gear but no prob, mike provided it all including jumpers and towels! He picked us up right outside our hostel door and we
headed out if Valencia...the scenery and hot springs were absolutely breath taking!!! We def reccomend this tour if you want to go on a great adventure!

Traveler rating:

3 Nov 2010 muffin03, San Francisco, California

I never book tours, I always want to discover places on my own, but who could pass up the opportunity of hot springs and getting outside the city for a day??
Mike picked us up at our hostel - so convenient, and we headed out! From the moment you meet Mike it's like a friend has come to pick you up for a day of hanging out, which makes the experience so relaxing and enjoyable. He took us to visit a few small towns, one of which we hiked around the back, where there was a small stream and then up through the town to an old abandoned watch tower at the top of a hill with amazing views of the entire country side. We then went to the hot springs, where the water was so blue and clear! We had such a great time swimming with all the fish! The water was warm and comfortable even though it was a cloudy day. We even got to see bulls which were part of a town celebration and a horizontal geyser!
The best thing about traveling for me, are the unexpected surprises you have along the way. Some good and some bad, but they are what really shape your experience of a place and what you remember the most. The day my friend and I spent with Mike was the best unexpected surprise of our trip! We did and saw so many great things that day, with the emphasis on DID. This is not just a tour where you sit back and listen to someone talk and point at historical monuments for a few hours. This is an entire day of exploring parts of Valencia you would never know about or experience if you were on your own. Mike is creating a truly unique experience for travelers wanting to get off the beaten path.
I will definitely be telling friends traveling to Valencia to contact Do! Valencia. 

Traveler rating:

2 Nov 2010 cameronspain, Indiana

We took the full day tour with hot springs and bulls at the end of October. The price initially struck me as quite high-69 euros pp--but I have no regrets at this point. My wife and I basically had two private tour guides the whole day. The guides were knowledgable about the area, and worked very hard to customize the tour to our wishes. We mentioned that we had wanted to see the Roman ruins at Sagunto which happened to be on the way to the hot springs, and Mike simply took the next exit and we spent an hour crawling over the Roman ruins. As others have said, the hot springs experience is magical, though the water is a bit on the cold side--about the temperature of a cold swimming pool. The thermal waters just keep the mountain water comfortable in winter. That said, Mike brought wetsuits for those who don't like the cold, so everyone was comfortable. We did some swimming, snorkeling, and cliff-diving, and had a blast, filling up our bottles with the spring water before we left. Then the real fun began--it just happened that a local fair, the Fira d'Onda, was going on the day we booked our tour. The fair is something like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, but on a smaller scale. Mike talked us onto some private seating of a local penya club (social brotherhoods that help fund and organize the fair), and we got to watch the bulls from a prime location. We had a blast chatting with the locals about their town and culture. A few tapas in Onda later, we were back in Valencia in time for dinner. On the whole, an unforgettable experience.
FYI, something we were a bit nervous about going in was the age of the folks in the pictures on Mike's web site--it looked mostly like college undergrads and backpackers, and my wife and I are around 30. We had a great time, though--for active folks of all ages, their tours are very appropriate.

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